CV Tips

Your CV is an opportunity to really sell yourself. A fresh, well laid out CV that is easy on the eye will encourage a second look. If it is poorly displayed and contains obvious errors, it will not give a good impression, even if you’re the most suitable candidate.

A key point to remember is that your CV will only receive a few minutes attention; therefore it must give off all the right signals immediately.

Most importantly, your CV must be a brief document and a factual account of your experience and qualifications.

  • Your CV should not be any longer than two pages
  • It will be the front page that catches the eye so don’t leave your best bits until the end
  • Do not cram the words in using smaller type face. Prioritise what will be important to the recruiter.
  • Do not try to attract attention by incorporating funny illustrations or using coloured paper
  • Only type on the one side of the paper, which should be A4.
  • Use only one font throughout the document for consistency and professionalism.

Should I use a different CV for each job?

Ideally yes. This is only a matter of placing emphasis on different areas of your experience and/or qualifications, and possibly changing the format, dependent on the job for which you are applying.

How do I begin?

CV TipsStart by beginning to identify what it is about your career to date that makes you ready and right for the job you are applying. Take your time and make a list of your qualifications and your experience factors.

This is important as it will help you focus positively on your skills. You must believe in yourself before you can begin to convince a potential employer.